Domain names like and are always available for purchase at any time through a registrar. While there are millions of websites already purchased and built, there are still billions of different addresses that one may purchase when one is ready to buy a Web page, regardless of whether it already has an owner or not. Having a domain name is a unique identifier that can often determine how successful a website will be. After purchasing a name and building a website around it, it remains with its owner until he chooses not to renew it for the fee.

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Finding Available Domain Names

Because hundreds of millions of domain names have already been registered, the website can depend on what has not yet been purchased. When looking for a new domain name without a large budget, buying a URL will take some time to think of a name that has not yet been taken. Website registrars always allow one to check to see whether a domain is available before going through the process of purchasing it. Already owned websites can still be purchased but at a higher cost.

Rather than go into a registrar looking blindly for names, there are some websites available to help search for domains based on keywords and similar phrases.

Where to Buy Domains

Online registrars offer the ability to buy websites and domains. It is important to shop around for price, but looking for ease of use and reputation is ideal. Some websites provide discounts when purchasing in bulk or when purchasing for a longer period of time beyond a year. We recommend using to buy your domain name.

Where to Buy Existing Web Pages

Sometimes, the most appealing domain has already been purchased. There exist plenty of services that enable one to either purchase or bid on such addresses, with some having set minimum prices. Others may require an opening bid. There is no one true science to knowing how much a domain is really worth; what the cost goes for determines how much one is willing to sell and how much one is willing to pay.

It is also possible to find the owner of the website through something known as a WHOIS search. One can often find this through a registrar website, searching the WHOIS information to know what contact has been associated with this domain name, allowing this person to be contacted to sell the domain. However, a fee can hide this information and make it impossible to view otherwise.

Ways to Acquire Websites

When looking to buy a Web page that someone already owns, it is important to consider what strategy to apply here. This depends on someone on what the entrepreneur wants to accomplish with the website, and this will dictate the exact approach that will work the best for buying the website.

The first strategy is to purchase a website that already has traffic for a demographic looking for a product that one already sells. This allows the entrepreneur to point the website to his own, move his products to this page, or put in advertisements or sales pages to encourage the visitors to move along elsewhere to purchase his products. This is good for quickly establishing a customer base but requires confidence that the traffic is quality and is actually there. Do not purchase a website and assume that it has good traffic because it uses bandwidth; it might not be the right kind of user, leading to the would-be asset becoming nothing more than a liability.

Another strategy is to merge with the competition. This means purchasing competing websites or otherwise merging with them to make one major enterprise that monopolizes the product. Depending on the industry, this can be extremely wise to dominate the market truly. One example of this would be website hosting; many small hosts are purchased by large hosts that allow better professionalism and stability.

Purchase only the domain name and not the website as another strategy. This would require disregarding whatever content was already available and merely taking a domain name with a powerful simplicity, such as or For instance, imagine being the original owner of this website; the URL itself has so much value, regardless of its content. If the entrepreneur is good at seeing upcoming trends, purchasing a new domain name will eventually lead to great value.

Consider finding a community drive website as well. A website with a huge and populated forum filled with people who are considered a niche audience can be nothing but gold for a thriving entrepreneur. Most likely, the website was merely created not for profit but by a hobbyist who is surprised to find the website has ballooned this much; in this case, the owner may no longer be able to support the website and its bandwidth and may not have the skill required to receive any monetization, allowing one to purchase it for a great deal.

This can be one of the best strategies on this list, but it is incredibly important to know the audience beforehand. Some niches are gold mines, while others are difficult to actually make any money off of, costing more in ongoing fees to support it through hosting than one would actually make out of it. According to AdSense, the idea to aim for here is to find a demographic with high keyword prices while also having a good selection of affiliate products that one either already sells or can easily be marketed through the website.

Finally, the last strategy to consider is to look for a website that will become popular sometime soon or is already working a niche that is rather popular in terms of keywords. Keywords bring a website its traffic through search engines, so picking up on the latest trends before they actually turn into trends can lead one to quickly purchasing a Web page that will become a hot property. Consider studying some trends to see the latest “MP3” or “blog,” and similar trends will become, purchasing the websites and making rich content before they turn into precious properties.

These are just some of the many different strategies that one can employ when looking to buy a Web page, regardless of whether the website already exists or not.